Who is "Creative Guy?"


* Likes sushi. Would go to even more movies if they sold Ika and Maguro at the concession stand.

* Actually has a formal education. Double major at the University of Minnesota (Radio-Television Production, in the School of Speech, Communications and Theater Arts; and Advertising, in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications). Also has a minor in Film.

* Strange enough to own a Bolex H-16 motion picture camera with a 400-foot magazine, but can't afford film or processing, so shoots Mini-DV video on a Canon XL-1 instead. Looks like a tourist everywhere he goes. Needs to hire a grip to haul his lighting kit around.

* Owned an ad agency for over two decades, and worked on lots of film projects, including CHARIOTS OF FIRE, PALE RIDER, THE HIDING PLACE, and JESUS. Got to read numerous screenplays, some of which were produced. Read one called HARTMANN eight years before it became IRON WILL. As a result of all this reading, picked up a thing or two about the craft.

* Also owned Corporate Channels Video, a well-staffed, well-equipped video production company. (MII A-B Roll, three-chip cameras, DAT recording studio, etc., etc. Specialized in 3-camera iso shoots.) Sold it to some guy who knew a little old lady with lots of money and talked her out of some of it.

* Subscribes to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, MILLIMETER, SCENARIO and WRITTEN BY to keep up on the industry.

* Would rather write a screenplay than have sex. No, that's not right. Forget it. Never mind.

* Thoroughly enjoys driving boats, flying airplanes (instrument-rated pilot) taking pictures, destroying local golf courses.

* Met Shirley Jones and Pat Boone a while back. (They weren't together, so don't go startin' any rumors.)

* Have never had an audience with the Pope, but did get into Barry Reardon's office once. Seemed like the same thing.

* Listed in various editions of "Who's Who in Entertainment," "Who's Who in Advertising," "Who's Who in America" and "Who's Who in the World."

* Winner of awards from The International Film and TV Festival of New York, The International Advertising Festival of New York, The Silver Microphone Awards, and others.

* Macintosh loyalist, even though Apple is going down the tubes. (Uses Newton 100 to hold down papers when the ceiling fan is on.)

* Only living person who thought THE GREAT GATSBY with Robert Redford was a good movie.

* Author or co-author of three published books (14 more in progress), four screenplays (two more in progress) two stage plays (two more in progress, including MY GENTILE MAMA, a true story), and too many commercials to mention.

* Recently penned two episodes of a new animated television series for Sony Wonder -- with a writing partner in Michigan.

* Attached as writer to two new made-for-television features.


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